Inside BoxTree Barn

Take a tour through BoxTree Barn and here's what you'll find...

Meeting & Event Space:
An events space, an away day venue, a boardroom, a bright and open whatever-you-need-it-to-be place.
Co-working Space:

 A beautifully designed, green, airy, open, magically inspiring place to get down to business. A far cry from your old co-working space.

The Engine Room:

The home of our business: BoxTree Gifts, where every order is picked, packed, and posted by hand.

The Store Room:

Home to row upon row of products made by our lovely creators and crafters. Ready to be shipped to our customers all over the world.


For freelancers and small businesses:

For charities and large businesses:

Escape the hustle and bustle of the office (and the house) to work somewhere inspiring. Drop in and take advantage of our hot desks and hot coffee, in a calm environment which buzzes with creativity and growth.

Bring your team to the quarter of the barn reserved for big thinking. Utilise it for an away day, a board meeting, training, interviews, inductions, or simply to impress your VIPs in a unique space. 

Plus: rub shoulders and make connections with some of the biggest regional businesses who use our purpose-built events space.

Plus: break out from your event into the energy of our co-working space and get to know the local creative talent.

For everything else...

We like to do things a little differently out here, so we’ve teamed up with fellow Cotswold businesses to bring you a unique experience in the barn - business or no business. Host your prestigious event, complete with gorgeous 5-star catering. Bring your friends and family to indulge in massage, yoga, or health and wellness activities. Welcome and impress VIPs with a champagne reception and canapes. What else did you have in mind?